Compressor World RVK 40 Air compressor

Picture of the compressor

Serial Number: E10631

Airmaster S1 Controller Manual. Control Panel. I/O module pic1, pic2. Wire Schematics. Motor wires

On 12/15/2017

According to Octavio, machine has been down since 10/20/2017.

Pinnacle Industries came here to replace transformer on 11/27/2017. Richard ordered the service on 11/13/2017. Because Richard did not come to work on 11/17/2017, the technician from Pinnacle asked me to sign his paper work.

On 12/19/2017

Service provider from manufacturer:

Consult Services & Sales
1900 1st St. East Suite 2021
Humble, TX 77338

Mark Floyd 713-208-6941

Brian Contacted Pinnacle and received estimate.

On 12/20/2017

Mark Floyd of Consult Services & Sales came to see the air compressor at 8:10 am.

On 12/21/2017

Received estimates for repair and new unit from Mark Floyd.

On 12/22/2017

George decided to get it repaird as a backup. Same time to buy a new E40 from Compressor World.

On 12/26/2017

George told Frank not to buy the new E40. Want a US product that is easy for sourcing replacment part.

On 4/6/2018

Sent text message to Mark Floyd on 4/2/18. No reply

On 4/17/2018

George said: We took it to Judice Electric this afternoon.  The electric motor shop in Abbeville said the bearing are bad. We took it to Judice electric. They will call

On 5/10/2018

Recevied email from Steve of COMPRESSOR WORLD. Fan is ordered for $994.

UPS #1ZY22E370346731889.

On 05/15/2018

Received fan motor at 11:13 A.M.

On 7/6/2018

Replace fuses and fuses holder. Frank double checked the system. After open the outlet valve, the machine start to run.

Need screws to put all doors back.

On 7/12/2018

According Adolf, the machine ran a few minutes, than stoped. It turned out that some circut or coil are short and cause breaker trips.

On 11/13/2018

Moved the detect air compressor to the inspection building.

On 11/23/2018

Replaced bad starter and connector between two starters, wired the fan motor by Frank.

Machine is tested to work.

Need to install a breaker for the machine and more test.