Buck on Machine Trouble Shooting Logs

User's Manual

Seals on the machine and Quote.

Page 4

238-6500 Rotary seals (3 pcs =  1set)


Page 16, 17

2204E-6500 GARLOCK OIL SEAL (21238-4305)



Page 33

400C-3000 SEALS kit

1800-104 PISTON SEAL

U25-5.25-56 BROD SEAL



On 12/06/2017

Machine was done.

Chris and Adolfo did trouble shooting.

On 12/07/2017

Temperay fixed in the morning. But can only run in low gear.

On 12/8/2017

Fixed the problem in the morning.

Cause:  Solenoid valve after the primary valve. Gear box and air valve both OK.

The nob of the air valve is not good. Requisition was made. The valve is ecpected to arrive on 12/22/2017.

On 6/18/2018

Nuts are broke and needs to be replaced.

On 7/12/2018

Ordered seals. Requisition.

On 7/13/2018

Received the seals.

On 9/12/2018

Quote for repair.

On 9/17/2018

McCoy technician, Kim Romero, came around 7:30 am. Manifold seal, 2 striners ($84.7), and 1 filter ($41.99) are replaced.

On 9/18/2018

Replaced 3 seal kits for the cylinders on the second chuck. The new seals are yellow and the old ones are black. The unreplaced seal is marked with X on the cyinder.

Replaced filter. Service report. Requisition for repair service.

On 10/3/2018

The machine is still leaking from the manifold where the seal was replaced by McCoy's technician. Informed McCoy by email.

On 10/4/2018

McCoy replied for the leak. No warranty. Leaking picture of the hub.

On 10/5/2018

Quote for new units.

On 10/10/2018

More quotes from McCoy.

Quote and specs from Scorpion Oil Tools

On 10/4/2019

Missing tongs.