Comparator: Mitutoyo 64PKA087 PH-A14 with QM-Data 200


Comparator Repair

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On 11-22-2017

Jerry pointed out by email that the comparator needs repair. It is a cause of an API audit non-conformity

On 12/22/2017

George get a quote.

On 1/2/2017

Octavio tried to find a service provider in vain. He will evaluate the comparator Nick find on line:

Regarding comparator, here is one for under $8000

and this one is under $6000

On 1/5/2018

Findings by Brian: email, introduction, QM-Data200. Asked Brian to get a quote including lends.

Quote from Jerry.

On 1/10/2018

Sent email to Msi Viking for 20X, 50X, and 100X magnifications, lead time and freight cost.

Received quote for lens. Specification.

On 1/11/2018

Machine from eBay. US $14,500.00

Vedio of ST 22-2500

email from Msi Viking. Waiting for manufacturer's reply.

On 1/12/2018

Recomendation from MSI Viking.

New customer credit app.

On 2/7/2018

Freight for Mitutoyo 64PKA086A-PH a14 is about $280. Manufacturer has in stock.

On 2/19/2018

Placed PO by email.

on 2/23/2018

According to Brandi N. Jardine, MSI Viking is waiting response regarding pick up.Will McCants ( contacted George.

On 2/26/2018

George agree to pay shipping cost to MSI Viking by text message.

On 3/21/2018

Received comparator from MSI Viking on 3/13/2018

Opened package and placed in the guage room.

On 3/22/2018

Comparator installation is completed. Tested. Works.

On 4/13/2018

Ordered 50x lens from MSI Viking, $819.

On 4/13/2018

Received 50x lens.