Forklift Doosan DL 250

Serial No. : DHKHLAGOK85005264
Model: DL 250 
Manufacturer: Doosan
Notes: TI-1061

Requirements Description of Requirements              
Mechanical Job  Escorpion Diesel Repair              
Items Parts              
1 Electronic Shiffter needs trouble shooting
3 Front Hydraulic cylinders seal kits Richard needs to source R.B Everrett 06-07-17  
1 Full Tune up 
New Paint Job  Self Performed               
Items  Parts, Material & Tools              
2 Gal. of Paint Orange Doosan
2 Gal. Black Enamel Paint 
2 Making Paper Roll
6 Sheets of sandpaper 220G 
2 Gal. Reduces or Thinner
1 Gal. Hardener
2 Gal. Primer
2 Boxes of sandpaper round 6" x 180 grit
2 Boxes of sandpaper round 6" x 320 grit
6 Wire wheel brush 3" Dia. X 3/8 AH 20GA 
2 Cup Brushes 6" 20 GA x 5/8 AH


On 12/6/2017

Broke down after lunch time. Chris is working on it.

On 12/11/2017

Chris found gears are broken. Need to replace.

On 12/13/2017

Chris sent request for parts:

  1. Need 4  =200 #k9000777    ring retaining   

  2. Need 4  =190#k9002967      bearing roller

  3. Need 4  =152#k9002965      gear planet

  4. Need1   =140#k9006051       shaft  sun gear

  5. Need1   =30#k9006042         tube brake

  6.  Need1   =28#1.120-00156    socket

  7. Need1   =29#1.180-00124    o-ring

  8. Need1   =10#k9006044         casing axle

  9. Need1   =30#k9006047        shaft-stub

  10. Need1   =150#k9000176      o-ring

  11.  Need1   =130#k9006022     o-ring

  12. Need 10 gallons of gear oil  85w140

Up to 12/21/2017, the above parts have not been ordered yet.

On 12/20/2017

George approved requistionfor Axle Housing w/Axle, Bearing Ect. Right Driver Side, P/N K9006044

On 12/21/2017

Requistion for the parts has been sent to George and is approved.

On 1/2/2018

Received the parts. But one seal ring still needs sourcing.

on 2/12/2018

Received Axle housing.

On 2/14/2018

Fixed the machine. Running.

On 3/21/2018

Replaced steering cylinder. Ordered seals for lift cylinder and steering.

On 10/19/2018

Down about two hours for replacing brake pads.

On 6/19/2019

Received AC repair estimate from DARR.