Forklift Case W24
Serial No. : 9110769
Model: 1967 W24
Manufacturer: Case
Notes: TI-614


On 12/11/2017

It is down. Preliminary diagnostic is the hydraulic fluid. Need to replace. Don't know when it was replace last time.

On 12/18/2017

Fluid has been replaced. But still can not run.

On 12/20/2017

Hydraulic pump need test to verify if it has problem according to Chris

On 12/22/2017

Requisition for diagnostic service is approved.

On 1/2/2018

Adolfo will take a look at the problew before calling service provider.

On 1/3/2018

Darr Equipment Co came to look at the problem.

On 1/5/2018

Received estimate from Darr Equipment.

On 1/8/2018

Verified with Darr about the estimate. It includes parts and labor.

On 1/9/2018

Need quote from Case dealer for the hydraulic pump. Reasign to Chris and Brian.

On 1/10/2018

Received a quote from ASCO, dealer of Case forklift.

Darr Equipment told that pump is on back order, waiting on factory for ETA.

On 1/15/2018

Sent Darr Equipment PO.

On 2/13/2018

Darr Equipment came with a new pump. But it does not fit.

On 2/19/2018

Darr Equipment continue the repair. Problem is fixed.

On 6/22/2018

Brake has problem. Not safe to drive.

On 7/9/2018

Hydraulic hose is broken. Mahcine is donw from arount 8:00 am.Fixed in the afternoon.

On 7/13/2018

Brake still has problem.

On 7/18/2018

Down again. fixed 5 hours later.

On 10/19/2018

Down in the morning. Hydraulic pun transmision gear teeth worn out.

On 12/3/2018

Fixed. Back to work.