Mori Seiki Repair Status

Repair Manual

On 10/27/2017

Checked with Doug for the CNCs.  

1.Our maintenance crews are working on the Hyundai CNC. They are waiting for a air solenoid.  

2.They are still looking for service providers for the Mori Seiki machine. So far, they got a quote from Txm Rebuilder’s. $5,500 just for trouble shooting. Later, Txm Rebuilder’s  said the they  could offer $150 an hour per man per hour just for troubleshooting.

On 11/3/2017

Technician Luis Flores from Primeteq came in to do trouble shooting.Power supply (PN A14B-0061-B001) is bad.Price for the power replacement is $1624.00 with a good exchange. Labor rate $110. After geting the new power supply, more problems have been found.

Richard received information from Luis where to buy operation and maintenance manuals.

On 11/7/2017

Received estimate for repairing the bad power supply from Luis.

"Our provider no longer repairs your old style power supply. A14B-0061-B001. We are providing you with a new style power supply. $1624.00. With a good exchange.   Since we can not use your old unit.  The price is $1874.00.Fanuc is able to repair your old power supply:  $4486.00. With a 10 - 14 day turn around time." 

At around 11:30 am, the machine has been fixed.One power supply and 4 switches were replaced. Click here to see the invoice.

Next step

  1. Flat the bent cabinet door. This should be done by our own maintenance team.Then, call Luis to put all the electrical components back on the door.

  2. Order operation manual, maintenance manual, and other technical manuals. Richard is working on this.

  3. Change the oil and any other fluid.

  4. Train operators.

  5. Build threading table.

Email to COO.

Email from CEO

Replied email to CEO.

On 11/10/2017

Reply from Richard:

"As for the Manuals, I went directly to Mori Seiki and they are try get them, but again, they are only available from Japan and they are trying to get them."

On 11/14/2017

Sent email to Doug. Asked to start to flat the bent cabinet door.

On 11/20/2017

Hold door repair for insurance inspection.

On 3/7/2018

George said that insuracne claim is done. Can repare the door now.

On 3/21/2018

Insureance estimate was completed.

Door has been flatened.

Need to call technicain to put the electronics back.

On 5/29/2018

Grace called Luis Flores to put the door back. Luis will call back after 6/4/18 to schedule the job.

On 9/17/2018

Luis never get a chance to help us.

We put the panel back on the door and powered up the machine. Need an operator to check if all the functions of the machine.