UT6 Repair Status

On 6/23/2017

Opened ticket for Y encoder and assigend to Procurement.

Rubber ring on the wheel of the Y encoder is gone because of aging. Encoder model #: TR3-U3A-0600NV1QOC-M00-S3. Supplier: GEA of Texas, 9434 Old Katy Road, Houston, TX 77055. 713-781-3005

On 3/22/2017

Opened ticket for emergency shutdown switch and assigned to Maintenance.

The emergency shutdown pull rope on UT6 is gone. The cover of the switch is gone. Who did it? Need to fix before using the the machine. You can call Ken Oconor for help if needed. This is a safety issue.

On 11/7/2017

Opened ticket for scan head and assigned to Engineering team. Will call Ken O'conner to look at the problem.

On 11/10/2017

Ken O'Connor arrived at 9:30 and spent 3 hours to do trouble shooting. Need to replace two parts.  

1. Parker - 1/4" Port, Zinc, Miniature Regulator 15 CFM, 2 to 125 Pressure Adjustment Range, 300 Max psi, 1/8" Gauge Port Thread Mfr Part #: 14R113FC MSC Part #: 08610107 

2. 0R25B - OR25B 1/4" PARKER QUICK EXH VALVE Mfr Part #: 0R25B MSC Part #: 85660215

 Sent email to procurement to order including the encoder.

Disabled the emergency shudonw switch after evalated the safety features of UT6.

On 11/13/2017

Filled and sent requisition forms to procurement team by Frank.

on 11/16/2017

Received part and contacted Ken O'Connor for installation.