Drilling Rigs

ZJ70/4500LDB Drilling Rig is suitable for 7000m (23000ft) well with 114mm (4.5in) drill pipe, in which the rotary table is driven by AC frequency conversion independence.

The draw works and mud pumps are driven by mechanical.


  1. The rig is powered by "4 parallel 2000 (3000) series diesel engines + hydraulic torque converter (coupling) + chain box drive".
  2. Integral chain box compound ensure perfect sealing and well sealed and easy installation.
  3. Drawworks drum is grooved.  The main brake is hydraulic disc brake and assistant brake is electromagnetic eddy current brake.
  4. Drawworks is equipped with assistant lifting device which can raise the mast without diesel engine or hoisting drill string while main drive fails to prevent down hole accident and realize drilling safety
Specifications for Drilling Rigs
Model XJ550 (550HP) 750HP Truck Mounted (750HP) ZJ40/2250L

ZJ50/3150L (1500HP) ZJ70/4500L (2000HP)
Nominal Drilling Depth(114mm pipe)     8200-13100 ft 11500-16400 ft 14800-23000 ft
Max hook load (kN) 1350 kN 1800 kN 2250 kN 3150 kN 4500 kN
Number of lines of Hoisting System     10 12 12
Dia. of Wire Line mm(in) 26 mm (1 in) 32 mm (1 1/4 in) 32 mm (1 1/4 in) 35 mm (1 3/8 in) 38mm (1 1/2 in)
Max. Pull of Fast Line (kN)   280 kN 280 kN 340 kN 485 kN
Model of Drawworks JC21B/11 JC28/11 JC40L JC40LDB JC50L JC50LDB JC70L JCLDB
Rated Power of Drawworks (kW) 450 kW   735 kW 1100 kW 1470 kW
Speed of Drawworks     4Foward+



Main Brake of Drawworks Band Hydraulic Disc Hydraulic Disc Hydraulic Disc Hydraulic Disc
Auxiliary Brake of Drawworks   EATON Eddy Brake on EATON Eddy Brake on EATON Eddy Brake on EATON
Crown Block TC135B TC180 TC225 TC315 TC450
Traveling Block YG135B YG180 YC225 YC315 YC450
Hook     DG225 DG315 DG450
Swivel SL135 SL225 SL225-II ZP375 ZP375
Model of Rotary Table ZP175 ZP275 ZP520 OR ZP275 ZP375 ZP375
Dia. of Opening of Rotary Table mm(inch) 444.5mm (17 1/2in) 698.5mm (27 1/2in) 520.7mm (20 1/2in) OR 698.5mm (27 1/2in) 952.5mm (37 1/2in) 952.5mm (37 1/2in)
Speed of Rotary Table






Model Number of Mud Pump   RGF-1000x2 F-1300 X 2 F-1600 X 2 F-1600 X 2
Drive Mode of Mud Pump     Compound drive Compound drive Compound drive
Type of Mast     K K K
Working Height of Mast (ft) 108 ft 123 ft 141 ft 148 ft 148 ft
Height of Drilling Floor   19.68 ft 19.68 OR 24.6 ft 24.6 OR 29.53 ft 29.53 OR 34.45 ft

Five Areas of Rig Layout

  • Drilling floor zone: includes mast, base, rotary table and independent drive devices, lifting system, wellhead mechanical tools, hydraulic casing stabilizer and dog house, driller's console.
  • Engine house power zone: includes three A12V190PZL-3/O diesel engine coupler sets, whole chain box, draw works, power saving generator sets, automatic air compressor sets, diesel engine sets, air source cleaning devices, variable frequency drive, VFD, and MCC control house.
  • Mud pump zone: includes 2 F-1600 mud pumps, drilling fluids valves, manifold and so on.
  • Mud processing and water tank zone: includes mud circulation tank, mud cleaning devices, water tanks and so on.
  • Oil tank zone: includes different types of oil tanks, pumps and lines.

  • Three sets of diesel engine coupling and whole chain box are united to drive the drawworks, mud pump, rotary table, automated air compressor and energy saving electric generator.
  • Diesel + saving energy generators provide the electric.
  • The plate brake with the electromagnetism eddying brake (or Eton brake) is used together with the auxiliary device to the mast.
  • 600kW, 400V AC frequency conversion motor drive the rotary table to adjust the speed .
  • The mast is K type structure. It can go up and down as one block, and is satisfied for installing a 500 tons top drive.
  • The height of drilling floor is 10.5m, and it is assembly with one operation in lower position.
  • The Drilling rig could be equipped with VFD and MCC system. VFD is used to control the rotary table motor and automatic bit feed motor.