Progressive Cavity Pumps

Surface Drive Progressive Cavity Pumps

The PC Pump with surface drive is a new type of production equipment, which is consisted with surface drive equipment and downhole progressive cavity pump. The surface drive equipment transmits the power to the downhole through the rotating motion of suck rod, then drive the rotor to rotate in the stator downhole. PC pump is a positive displacement pump. The rotor rotates within the stator, thus series of cavities are formed and these cavities progress gradually from the bottom (suction end) to the top (discharge end), carrying the formation fluids through the pump and into tubing.

Main Advantages:

  • Slow, Long Strokes
  • Belt Transmission
  • Low Torque Demand
  • Optimum Structure Design
  • High Reliability and Low Maintenance
Surface Drive Progressive Cavity Pumps

Electric Submersible Progressive Cavity Pumps

Electric Submersible Progressive Cavity Pumps The electric submersible progressive cavity pump (ESPCP) is a new breakthrough in artificial lift system recent years, which combinethe flexibility of the progressing cavity pump with the reliability of the electric submersible motor to handle your most difficult artificial lift. It has wide fluid range, more suitable fordeviated well, horizontal well, especially with viscous crude oil, high sand cut and gas oil. The wear of tubing and sucker rod could be eliminated and energy cost is reduced efficiently. Electric Submersible Progressive Cavity Pumps


Specifications of Pumps
Type Casing size Rated Rotating Speed rpm PCP Displacement m3/d Lifting Capacity m Motor Power kW
QLB5-1/2 5.1/2” above 80-360 10-60 1000-1800 12-30
QLB7 7” above 80-360 30-120 1000-1800 22-43
QLB9-5/8 9.5/8” above 80-360 50-200 900-1800 32-80