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Comparison Table Between EMI / FLUT / FLUT Phase Array / Technical Industries Inc. Visonic

3-D Virtual Imaging Pipe Inspection Services

Technical Industries, Inc. recently introduced the Visonic™ 3-D Virtual Imaging pipe inspection services for all types of pipes including OCTG, drill pipe, landing strings and line pipe.

Pipe Inspection Perfected

Use of OCTG, drill pipe and landing strings at deep depths is limited by current API strength formulas. There is unused strength remaining in these materials by using these calculations, but until now no pipe inspection methods were able to show accurate remaining metal mass (cross-sectional area) every 1/4" helix along the length of the pipe. Knowing this allows users and contractors to utilize their existing tubulars and drill pipe to deeper depths.

Ultrasonic Wave Propagation Review

Ultrasonic refers to any study or application of sound waves that are higher frequency than the human audible range. Ultrasonic waves consist of frequencies greater than 20 kHz and exist in excess of 25 MHz.

"WorldOil": Offshore Technology Report

Close-tolerance liner drilling for deepwater applications. A joint company effort involving ConnocoPhilips, Baker Hughes and Tesco has been studying and testing new tools and techniques for making a patented Close-Tolerance Liner Drilling (CTLD)  system practical for improving the drilling and completion of deepwater wells. Results of development and evaluation through lab studies and onshore well testing to date is discussed and illustrated.

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