Inventory System User's Guide

Table of Contents


Access the Inventory systems

Access Technical Industries customer inventory system

Access threading customer inventory system

Access energy customer inventory system

Understand the menu interface

Use the system  

Manage work orders

Create new work order

Search work orders

Edit work order 

Manage reports

Create inspection report

Create EDM report

Create transducer report

View report by customer

View customer report by rack

View monthly inventory reports

View reject report by mill

View transducer report

View UT parameter report

View/Download indication chart

Download mapping data

View mapping data

Manage service tickets

Create service ticket

Close service ticket

View TI service tickets

View Energy Pipe service tickets

View Energy MFC service tickets


Manage logistics

Fill out In-Bound form

Fill out Bill of Lading form

Transfer joints between inventory systems

View inventory systems

View test joint inventory

View Technical Industries' inventory

Equipment and devices


Calibration Reports


Vendors List 

View threading inventory


Create/Edit/View estimate

Edit service price

View TI price list

View threading price list

Updatae email alart

Manage accounts